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Happy Feet Fitness is the award winning brainchild of husband and wife team, Donna and Cam McColl. Donna is an accredited and well respected fitness leader and Cam is a professional children’s entertainer, magician and musician. Both Donna and Cam share a passion for helping those around them reach their full potential. Their joint appreciation of health, fitness and general wellbeing spurred the desire to educate and inspire young children to make healthy choices; it was the catalyst for creating the hugely popular Happy Feet Fitness program.

Holistically healthy children

The company was established in 2007, beginning with just two instructors teaching in four childcare centres. Presently, it has 100 instructors teaching over 1000 classes with over 15,000 children enrolled each week across Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, ACT and Tasmania. Their aspirations for spreading the company vision of more holistically healthy children has only grown with the ambition to reach more children with an invaluable message – health, joy, learning and confidence are the key.

Happy Feet has a team of uniquely talented instructors, who themselves are committed to personal development, participating in ongoing learning to ensure the highest standard of teaching and care is made available across Australia.

Offering a huge range of physical activities and musically themed adventure classes; you can be assured your children are in the caring hands of a team who value their future as much as you do.

Contact us here or call us on 1300 300 491 to find out more about Happy Feet Fitness and the opportunity to help your children learn, laugh and grow!

About Donna

About Donna

Happy Feet Fitness has been designed focusing on children’s health and fitness, I feel it is important to instill from a young age that fitness is fun! I have been working in the fitness industry since 1998 and I am an Accredited Fitness Instructor.

We live in a world where obesity and related diseases are on the rise, so through Happy Feet we educate children on the importance of keeping fit and healthy through exercise, healthy eating and having lots of fun!
With modern technology, convenience foods and busy schedules, we as parents of 2 young children understand the uphill struggle to encourage our children to make better choices!

That’s why learning through a program like Happy Feet Fitness will make the job a lot easier!

About Cam

About Cam

Hi there, my name is Cam McColl and I have been a professional children’s entertainer, musician and magician for over 25yrs.

During this time, one of the fantastic opportunities I had was to work for the Starlight Children’s Foundation as “Captain Starlight”. My job there was to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children. This was really a life changing event for me and I learned so much about how resilient, strong and amazing children can be.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and being fit has always been important to me and when I became a dad, probably even more so, as I felt strongly about being a good role model for my children. Happy Feet Fitness is an accumulation of these events combined with my wife, Donna’s beliefs and wealth of experience in the fitness industry.

Our program has been designed to encourage children to learn about health and fitness in a fun and positive way.

I have written and recorded all the music for Happy Feet’s themed interactive adventure classes and will continue to be a class instructor for as long as I can make childen smile.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Happy Feet instructors love what they do, and it’s easy to see when you watch them in action.

Our talented instructors are passionate, professional and committed to delivering the Happy Feet program at the highest possible standard to ensure that each and every child
has an awesome, fun, and magical experience.

To be the best at what they do, Happy Feet instructors engage in ongoing fortnightly team sessions to promote their personal development and encourage the team to share ideas and learning’s from their experiences.

Happy Feet instructors donate blood as a team, support the Starlight Children’s Foundation and volunteer time and entertainment at educational support schools and holiday camps.
We love our instructors and we know your children will too!

Benefits of becoming a Happy Feet Entrepreneur.