After your class today Zoe announced she would be “super brave” and stand up at news time to share her news about what she did over the weekend 🙂

Mandy in the Kindy room was so proud.

Thank you for being you and all your love and encouragement you show my baby girl xxx



((Zoe’s mum))

Our daughter Annabelle (at South Coast) loves the classes. Even though she’s only 2 she comes home every week and does whatever the class was about! Last night whilst giving her a bath she was wanting to wash my hands and I didn’t understand why until I read the email! So cute! It’s great being able to read about what she’s doing because then I know why she does what she does. We also take the opportunity to reinforce it as well. Thanks for all your efforts.


((Annabelle’s mum))

I just wanted to let you know how much Emmy gets out of happy feet. She has been singing the entire Seasons song endlessly for the last few weeks (“Summer, Autumn, winter and spring…summer it’s hot..”). Not only does she know the name of the seasons, their order and all about them, but she’s taught her 2yr old brother as well! So now I have two of them singing “summer it’s hot, winter it’s cold..” during every car trip (and I mean every car trip haha!). The power of music and dance is incredible.


((Emmy’s mum))

Just a note to share a story and to let you know that you are having a positive impact on Clara’s life!  This morning Clara asks . is this brown bread (it was)?  I’d like brown bread for my toast.  On asking how she knows about brown bread. Miss Nikki from Happy Feet told me!


((Clara’s mum))

When I asked Sienna what she would like as a special treat after dinner, she said… broccoli please Mum, Dancing Donna says it will make me grow big and strong, I didn’t give her the broccoli that day but made sure we had it on the plate the night after, couldn’t believe the smile I saw when I served it up, it made me laugh!


((Sienna’s mum))

THANK YOU so much for providing these classes for us. I have seen major changes in everything he does since he started happy feet. His language and everyday activities is amazing. He surprises me and the doctors constantly with his pace of development since he started. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!


((Tyler’s mum))