We were most impressed with the emergency session at Happy Feet last week, Timothy told us all about it including the number to call and he was so proud to be one of the firefighters. A great way of learning, keep up the good work.


((Timothy’s mum))

I cannot thank you enough for the work you do. I have notice a huge improvement with Sophie’s confidence and social abilities since she started Happy Feet. Every Thursday morning she cannot control her excitement.


((Sophie's mum))

I just wanted to let you know that since the recycling class last week, Emily has been checking EVERYTHING for the little arrow triangle and saying “Yes! this has it, so it can be reused!”. It’s so cute and really great, something I have tried to teach from an early age…just thought you’d like to know how far reaching and valuable your classes are!


((Emily’s mum))

Very Happy Olivia is getting the opportunity to exercise in a positive way. It is also helping with gross motor skills, self confidence and social awareness. Thanks Happy Feet


(Olivia's mum)

Declan loves Happy Feet and has learnt some really valuable information i.e. How to Phone 000 when there is an emergency. His sister Kasia is now at school and she still talks about how much she loved Happy Feet

Peter and Marnie

(Declan's mum and dad)

Amazing, not only entertaining for the children but also there was a lovely message in all of it. Loved how you incorporated magic and stories with the dance. Very impressed


(Maria and Gigi's mum)