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Happy Feet: A Valuable Partnership

What do you get when you cross an accredited fitness leader who has worked with both children and adults for over 20 years with a professional children’s entertainer, musician, and former Captain Starlight? Well, apart from 25 years of marriage and two children, you get a fantastic combination of experience and creativity that has resulted in what over 15,000 children a week know as Happy Feet Fitness! What is it? Happy Feet Fitness is a regularly scheduled activity held at early learning

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Holistic education: building happy, healthy and hardy children!

Holistic education: building happy, healthy and hardy children! Does your child struggle to interact with other children? Are they perhaps inhibited by shyness, unable to resolve conflict or to regulate their emotions? The good news is it’s not just your child - and that’s partly because our modern education system is geared overwhelmingly toward academic problem-solving. In reality, life has a funny way of posing many complex problems for us to solve. Hands up if you have struggled to sol

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Dancing for toddlers | Happy Feet fitness

Little People Need Healthy Diets

Is your child eating a balanced diet? We all know the story about sugar. Every granule harbours an evil villain who is intent on upsetting the equilibrium of a balanced diet by sending kids to the heights of hyperactivity and then crashing into the sugary depths of moodiness (interjected with a few hellish tantrums just for good measure). It’s a short and not-so-sweet story that many parents know too well, however, it doesn’t need to have a bitter ending. There is hope yet; with a balanced

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Happy Feet Kids Fitness Classes

The benefits of exercise for children

Many people who enjoy a high standard of life well into their senior years, attribute their longevity and good health to being active all their lives. They started at a young age and never stopped. Things have changed a lot in today’s high-tech world, and ensuring that your children get enough exercise is critical to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Not so long ago, kids naturally went outside to play. That’s because there weren’t that many options. Outside was where you found an

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