Little People Need Healthy Diets

Little People Need Healthy Diets

Is your child eating a balanced diet?

We all know the story about sugar. Every granule harbours an evil villain who is intent on upsetting the equilibrium of a balanced diet by sending kids to the heights of hyperactivity and then crashing into the sugary depths of moodiness (interjected with a few hellish tantrums just for good measure). It’s a short and not-so-sweet story that many parents know too well, however, it doesn’t need to have a bitter ending. There is hope yet; with a balanced diet that includes natural fruit sugars, protein, and ‘vegetables that shall not be named’, you’ll get your happy kids back, and their bodies will be free to develop and grow.

Nutritional & physical needs

Removing the sugar from your child’s diet without “removing” their personalities is a tough one particularly if your little one is stuck in a bad-eating rut. The first step is going back to the basics.

It’s important for children to engage in physical activity, and to maintain heathy eating habits that include the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Zinc – Not only good for bum rash cream, it’s good for boosting the immune system. This can be found in seafood, beans and spinach.
  • Vitamin C – Forms collagen, which is needed for healthy gums, blood vessels and bones. Found in oranges, lemons (although we can’t see any child chewing on one), strawberries and broccoli.
  • Iodine – Brain development. This is needed for focus, concentration and cognitive development. Found in fortified bread and seafood.
  • Vitamin B Complex – Converts food into energy. Eggs, chicken and whole grains.
  • Calcium – Healthy teeth and bones. Found in fish and green leafy veggies
  • Omegas – Found in fatty fish such as sardines and mackerel.
  • Low GI carbs – Found in sweet potatoes and grain bread.

These are the construction workers who create the building blocks for the body’s development and growth. A balanced diet is the foundation of good living; that includes drinking plenty of water, and eating a combination of fruits, vegetables, low GI carbs and proteins.

What if kids run from the green stuff?

It’s a given that most children see green and their mouths slam shut, but you can get around that. Once children start to feel the effects of eating well, they will open up to the possibility of trying new foods. In the meantime, we suggest a little something to help you get started:

  • Find out which of these building block foods they do like and make a happy fuss when they eat them.
  • Grate veggies into your cooking. There’s nothing wrong with hiding them away from time to time.

More than just eating

As for the physical side of things; if your kids are not fans of the outdoors, or struggle to pull themselves away from their tech toys or TV, we suggest a fitness class where the focus is on the benefits of sports and physical activity, and learning more about healthy eating. This awesome place does exist and your kids will love it. Find out more.

Fast foods and convenience meals are pushing children towards lifelong health issues. These processed foods are filled with treacherous sugar and bad fats, which makes kids sluggish, unable to focus and puts their immune systems under tremendous strain. Kids have high metabolic rates, which means they can burn the bad stuff fast, but the saturates stay behind, turn into sugar and leave them wanting more processed foods.

Many children do not eat well and struggle with health concerns normally associated with fully developed adults. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes and impaired cognition are just some of the side effects of an unhealthy diet.

Children’s bodies have particular nutritional needs; making sure they maintain a balanced diet will get them back to the outdoor loving, fun-filled happy children that you know. Help your child avoid health hassles and get them to focus on giving their little bodies all the good stuff they can get.

Take your child down to Happy Feet Fitness where physical activity and education on nutrition are made to be fun and engaging. There’s no need to lose hope if your child is stuck in bad eating habits. There is a way out, and your kid (and your sanity) will certainly thank you for it.