Our Play-based Learning Classes

We have a host of irresistible ideas for play-based learning

Happy Feet Fitness has successfully evolved the concept of play-based learning, finding a happy marriage between educational content, creativity, health and social development in early childhood. Whether it’s a song and dance for preschool or fun exercises for kids’ fitness, each of our activities is uniquely designed to encourage participation, expression and social interaction. We know it’s vitally important to get your kids truly engaged. That is why we offer a variety of fun classes that keep the whole experience of fitness and dance new, entertaining and original. Each class has clearly defined goals that your children will dance their way to, and be able to apply outside the four walls of the classroom in everyday life.

Our range of classes includes:

“I’d like a pet.

There’s just so many different kinds, I don’t know which one to get.

There are big ones and small ones and some with really big eyes.

There are hairy ones and scary ones and some that like to fly!”

In this class we explore the wonderful world of having a pet and responsibilities that come with it. We begin with a song named “I’d like a Pet” which gives us the opportunity to think about what kind of pet would suit us best as we sing and dance along, moving like the animals we are talking about.

Then we meet Diggy the dog who likes pretending to be a cat and suggests we should give it a try. We put on some special Happy Feet cat ears and do some cool cat moves as we slink along to the cat song. Afterwards Diggy the dog talks to us about how to best look after our pets to make sure they are happy, safe, and feel loved. Next we meet Snappy the pet crocodile and listen to his song while dancing with Snappy puppets.

Our Pets class encourages the children to learn about the responsibilities of pet care while having lots of fun.

Early Years Learning Framework

Quality area 1.2.3 – Each child’s agency is promoted, enabling them to make choices and decisions that influence events in their world.

Quality area 5.2 – Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships.

Learning Outcome 1.4 – Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.

Learning Outcome 4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivit

“Click, clack, front and back, seatbelts save our lives,

It doesn’t matter if you’re going very far seatbelts save our lives.”

This super fun and educational class is an example of just one of our irresistible ideas for play-based learning all about introducing children to traffic awareness. We explore the ideas of seatbelts, traffic lights and crossing the road safely using some uniquely handmade props, puppets and clever song lyrics.

Early Years Learning Framework

Quality area 5.2.1 – Children are supported to collaborate, learn from and help each other

Quality area 1.2.2 – Educators respond to children’s ideas and play and extend children’s learning through open-ended questions, interactions and feedback

Learning Outcome 3 – Children have a strong sense of well being

Learning Outcome 3.2 – Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing

Learning Outcome 2 – Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Learning Outcome 2.1 – Children develop a
sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation

“If you see some rubbish please don’t throw it away – Recycling is a better way.

Turning something old into something new – Recycling is what we do.”

Through the adventures of Lucy Litterbug and Captain Recycle we learn all about the importance of keeping our planet clean, which items we can recycle, and how trees help the earth to stay healthy.

Our Recycling class is full of super clever, good clean fun.

Early Years Learning Framework

Quality area 3.2.3 – The service cares for the environment and supports children to become environmentally responsible

Quality area 5.2.1 – Children are supported to collaborate, learn from and help each other

Learning Outcome 2.4 – Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

Learning Outcome 5.4 – Children begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work

Hey, Happy Feet if we want to feel great, we’ve got to keep our bodies
healthy and stay in shape. So let’s move to the music and groove to the
sound, we can keep our bodies fit while we get on down. In our Fit Kids class
we learn all about how doing exercise and eating healthy food which will
help our bodies grow strong and help our brains to be clever.

We are super heroes, we’re here to save the day. We are super heroes and
we’ve got super capes! We are strong, as strong as can be and we are brave
even when we graze our knees. These child development classes take a holistic
approach to grooming children. Our super heroes class explores the fun of having
super powers and more importantly, using them to help other people.

In this class we pretend to be athletes by participating in the Olympic
games. We march in the opening ceremony, compete in several Olympic
events and enjoy the roar of the crowd. The meaning of the Olympic flag is
explored and we even use our Happy Feet magic to make the Olympic flag

Call 000 in emergency for fire fighters, ambulance and police.
An ambulance will get you to the hospital quick to see the doctor when you
are feeling sick. Call 000 in emergency and you will get the help that you
need. In our Community Heroes class we learn all about important people in
our community and we use our imaginations to help others and save the day!

You can share with me,
I can share with you, We can share together
because that’s what friends do!
The message is loud and clear in this class that
Sharing and Caring is FUN!

From tiny little butterflies to huge giants, we discover the world of BIG and
Small. We explore the tiny little seed that grows into a big giant tree.

There’s so much to do, so much to see, its as big as can be! Down on the
farm with all of our friends, chickens and cows and pigs in their pens.

Happy Feet Kids into space we will fly, Blasting in our
rocket ships, As stars and meteors zoom by, Sounds
like an awesome adventure in space, Let’s go Happy
Feet it’s going to be ace! Oh boy, do the children laugh
when they meet our special friend ‘LA LA the alien’ in
fact there is laughter throughout the entire centre
(adults too!)

Australia is a great place to be,
Our Island home is surrounded by sea,
With Kangaroos that jump really high,
And Kookaburra’s laughing in the Sky!

In this class we have so much fun learning about
Australian things, especially when dancing to the sound of the didgeridoo!
It’s anything but your ordinary preschool music class.

“You R You & I am me, Everybody is special and does things differently!”
This is a beautiful class that teaches children about each of us being unique
and different, for them to understand how wonderful that is!

This class is all about going places and how we go to places.
First we do some awesome acrobatics while flying our planes high in the sky.
Next we climb aboard the “Happy Feet Express” for a magical train ride
to some very interesting places. To finish off we ride the bus to town and
check out all the action along the way!

“Colours & Shapes are everywhere a Triangle, a Circle and a Square”. Using
their super duper magic powers the children draw shapes in the air which
magically appear in our Happy Feet book. Using our magic again we colour all
the shapes in different colours. A super fun way to learn about colours and

“Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, as the seasons change so does the
weather they bring” In this class we explore the changes in weather at
different times of the year. We go to the beach for a surf in summer and
put on our welly boots to jump in some puddles for some winter time fun too!

“Eating vegetables every day will help you run jump and play! Putting
vegetables on your plate will make you body feel great! They are good
for your brain, good for your heart, vegetables are SUPER STARS! Our
vegetables class is jam packed full of healthy fun in which the children
learn all about the importance of healthy eating.

“Dinosaurs get ready to roar – 1,2,3 ROAR! Shake your tails,
Stomp the floor, Crouch down low and do the Dinosaur”
In this class we become stomping, dancing dinosaurs and
certainly look the part with some bedazzling costumes. The
dinosaurs then do a dino conga followed by some fun activities
with dinosaur eggs – one of which is just about to hatch!

“I like looking for bugs in my backyard, some
bugs are easy to find while others are quite hard!
There’s just so many different bugs, there’s lots
of different kinds. You never know what kind of bug that you are going to
find.” The children adore our brightly coloured hand puppets in this class
and especially enjoy grooving to the BUG Dance!

At the Circus there are Animals, Acrobat Dancers, Funny Clowns and
Tightrope Walkers too! We explore a lot of different equipment in this
class, from hoops to dancing ribbons and even a tightrope, where we balance
way up high in the sky.

There are many different kinds of stars and in this class we visit a few.
We have a photo opportunity when the children dress up in our stunning
starfish costumes. We also discover our singing voices through a beautiful
song which teaches them fast and slow.

Teaching the children about the importance of fruit in a way they will
not have seen before. Through the art of magic the children learn about
the value of eating fruit. Our costumes lady designed these amazing
Strawberries, Oranges, Apples and Bananas – that the children can’t wait
to get their hands on! (Every parent’s wish – a child who is thrilled to see

“Counting is clever, counting is fun, counting is done one by one! You can
count your fingers, you can count your toes, some people count sheep to get
to sleep – are you one of those?” In this very energetic class counting helps
us keep track of how many exercises we perform.

Wow, our costumes lady is amazing. In this class you will be bedazzled at
the creation of the Lion, Snake, Monkey and Elephant who come to visit!
The children also get dressed up in very cute little monkey outfits as we –
monkey around!! Visiting the Zoo is lots of fun.

“Everybody’s different, every boy and girl, in every country
around the world. But we are all the same on the inside, with
love in our hearts we can stand side by side” Cam has created
a variety of music from different countries for us to explore
different cultures, dances and languages. It’s song and dance with great music and a
great message!

Today we will be pirates – Happy Feet you and me! We will
sail our pirate ship on the deep blue sea. We will do a pirate
dance and look for hidden treasure, then use our pirate
swords that are made of feather!” Through dance and
drama we go on an amazing journey to find the pirates treasure, with stunning
costumes the children certainly immerse them selves in the role of a treasure
hunting pirate!

“We’ve got 5 senses that help us do, all the things that we
want to do. 5 senses that we can use, to feel the world
through!” Here we learn about our body with some very
entertaining songs – (one of my favourites!)

“We move to the rhythm and dance to the beat! We groove to the music and
stomp our Happy Feet!” A fun session playing instruments
and manipulating scarves to the music.

Through this class we teach the children that keeping our bodies clean and
practising good hygiene can be lots of fun. Through demonstration, music,
song and dance we show the children how to wash their hands, teeth and

Through song and dance we learn the importance of using sun
screen and being sun smart. We discover the magical world of sea
animals whilst swimming under our ocean parachute. We learn the
reasons why we should swim between the red and yellow flags at
the beach and then manipulate our mini beach flags to combine a
variety of movement patterns using the body.