Kids Fitness Programs

Kids Fitness Programs

Kids Fitness Programs Inspiring children to make healthy choices

Many people who enjoy a high standard of life well into their senior years, attribute their longevity and good health to being active all their lives – and rightly so. They started at a young age and never stopped. Things have changed a lot in today’s high-tech world, and ensuring that your children get enough exercise is critical to their physical and emotional wellbeing. That is why we encourage movement and fitness through our super fun and engaging classes for children. Contact us today to find out more.

The Happy Feet Fitness program is founded on our philosophy to inspire and encourage children to make positive, healthy choices for themselves and the world around them. Healthy eating and physical activity are the core motivators of the Happy Feet Fitness program.

Why fitness is important for your kids

Happy Feet has been designed with your children’s health and fitness in mind – it is an opportunity to instill an appreciation of living a healthy lifestyle and provide the benefits of exercise to kids and adults alike. We have fitness instructors who form an important part of our team. They are passionate about achieving fitness and health through exercise. Whether its exercise classes for toddlers or slightly older children they have an in-depth knowledge of how to encourage kids to exercise.

Fully accredited and qualified for their trade, our instructors engage in ongoing fortnightly training sessions. These help them promote their personal development, and encourage the team to share ideas and learning’s from their experiences.

Kids Excercise Classes

Exercise is an emotional, physical and character-building practice. It has significant benefits for everyone, particularly children. A few of the benefits children will enjoy are:

• An improvement self-esteem and outlook on life
• Development of strength in muscles and bones
• Reducing the likelihood of obesity or weight gain
• Building a leaner body through cardiovascular exercise
• Lessening the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes
• An improvement in mood swings

Why you should choose us

The amazing thing about Happy Feet Fitness is that as much as it is just right for your kids, it is also just right for you as parents. Your child is placed in comprehensive care where they gain invaluable access to good-spirited fun, education, fitness and dance that is complementary to their day care.
Furthermore, we don’t stop there – we ensure that parents get to witness the growth that takes place as we regularly offer information regarding their child’s participation.

• We hold the same passion for the personal growth of your children as you do
• Our team of instructors is qualified and have your children’s best interests at heart
• We encourage the values that you would like to see embodied in your children
• We foster an environment that teaches your kids to appreciate a health and wellness
• Our service is built on convenience and honesty so there are no hidden or additional costs to worry about

Call us today on 1300 300 491 and give your child a step up to a healthier, happier life with our fitness for kids programs.