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A valuable and enriching experience

At Happy Feet Fitness, children are welcomed into an environment where we encourage a growth mindset, an appreciation of health and an active lifestyle. We also provide them with educational content that broadens their horizons and equips them with the confidence they need to navigate through life.

A valuable partnership

Together we can inspire and encourage children to grow up making positive healthy choices. Offering an award winning external program like Happy Feet Fitness is an additional feather in your centres cap. Quality is the key to increasing enrolments and cementing your position as a leading care centre. Our program will complement your services and provide an engaging and beneficial addition to your centre, making the decision for parents to enrol their children that much easier.

Set the standard

Childcare centres nationwide can benefit from the inclusion of our program, setting themselves head and shoulders above the ever-growing competition. Every session we provide is as beneficial as it is fun. Our classes are created with defined learning outcomes and are aligned with National Quality Standards (NQS) and with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  All of the themes and topics explored in our classes translate easily for use as daily reflections, learning stories and observations.

Stay inspired

Quite simply, health and happiness go hand in hand. Our program is open to staff participation and will help energise your team and inspire them to keep fit and stay active. Your educators will be looking forward to our Happy Feet Fitness sessions as much as the children making it a valuable and enriching experience for all.

Communication is key

We provide weekly communication via email to parents and centres outlining our class themes and the learning outcomes. We also keep you informed of what class themes and topics are coming up in the future to allow for optional links with centres curriculum planning and programming. Happy Feet Fitness is committed to ensuring our services play their role in maintaining positive outcomes for your centre.

Happy, Healthy children 

Variety is the spice of life and young budding minds require a broad spectrum of stimulation. Each session with Happy Feet Fitness is a time your children simply won’t want to end. Our fun and engaging classes will get their hearts pumping and their minds working. Happy Feet Fitness is driven by the vision to expand the knowledge and understanding of children living a healthy lifestyle (NQF 2.1). To this end, we have specific classes dedicated to teaching and encouraging healthy hygiene practices and physical fitness (NQF 2.1.3) Healthy eating and physical activity are also core motivators of the Happy Feet Fitness program. Children who participate in Happy Feet Fitness benefit from guidance and learning about health, fitness and wellbeing (NQF 2.2).

Build confidence

Self-esteem and confidence building is a challenge for many – not just children. There has been a big focus in fostering an environment where a child’s confidence has opportunity to grow courtesy of the Happy Feet Fitness program. Our themed musical adventure classes take large stage performances and put them into a super fun, interactive and educational class format that has been designed for children in childcare centres and primary schools. So whether children are brimming with confidence or a little on the quiet side, we set the goal for all of them to leave Happy Feet classes feeling proud of themselves and their achievements.

Why do parents want their kids in Happy Feet?

Our aim is to provide the most efficient, friendly and hassle-free service possible. We take having fun seriously! Happy Feet Fitness instructors appreciate a great time, but always have the intended impact and holistic growth of your children in mind. Similarly, our business processes are streamlined and systemised. All Happy Feet accounts are managed through a customised central database created especially for us.

One of the many great things about Happy Feet Fitness is that we are exactly where parents need us to be – a fun, educational, fitness and dance program that supports their child’s growth in day care.

Additionally, we make sure families receive information on what matters most – their child’s growth. We provide them with information regarding their child’s participation in class on a regular basis. Families also receive certificates of registration, special mementos and yearly reports. (NQF 1.1.4

Parents love the care, convenience and fact that there are no hidden costs such as costumes and dance shoes lurking around. At Happy Feet Fitness we love what we do and we know children do too.

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Here’s What Parents Have To Say About The Happy Feet Fitness Program:
Asha is extremely shy, so I have found Happy Feet such a fantastic program to draw her out of her shell. At home she pretends to be a "Happy Feet" instructor, dancing and singing. It's just so adorable to watch! Thanks Happy Feet for bringing such a fabulous program to Asha's daycare.
Dee (Asha's mum)

Declan loves Happy Feet and has learnt some really valuable information i.e. How to Phone 000 when there is an emergency. His sister Kasia is now at school and she still talks about how much she loved Happy Feet
Peter and Marnie (Declan's mum and dad)

Amazing, not only entertaining for the children but also there was a lovely message in all of it. Loved how you incorporated magic and stories with the dance. Very impressed.
Delphine (Maria and Gigi's mum)

“When I asked Sienna what she would like as a special treat after dinner, she said... broccoli please Mum, Dancing Donna says it will make me grow big and strong, I didn’t give her the broccoli that day but made sure we had it on the plate the night after, couldn’t believe the smile I saw when I served it up, it made me laugh!”

Very Happy Olivia is getting the opportunity to exercise in a positive way. It is also helping with gross motor skills, self confidence and social awareness. Thanks Happy Feet.
Rebecca (Olivia’s mum)