The Benefits of Becoming a Happy Feet Entrepreneur

The Benefits of Becoming a Happy Feet Entrepreneur

Want to work with kids in a vibrant, positive and creative space?

Happy Feet is for you!

There are so many reasons to become a Happy Feet Fitness Instructor (or as we like to call them, Happy Feet Entrepreneurs).

Read on to find out why our staff are some of the happiest around.

Flexible Schedules
When you become a Happy Feet Fitness Instructor, you have input into your own schedule. Maybe you work part time elsewhere and want a second income stream. Maybe you have kids of your own and you need to work during school hours. Maybe you just want the flexibility that comes with a self-determined job!

Scalable Workload
Being involved in scheduling means you can scale your workload up or down as necessary. It all depends on how many Happy Feet classes you want to run over a working week.

You can forge your own path
At Happy Feet, our Fitness Instructors can build up their income stream based on attendance. The Happy Feet pricing model means the more centres our instructors chose to sign up and run classes in, the more their earnings can grow.

You can make a difference to our little learners
Happy Feet Fitness Instructors are fulfilled. Our passionate people are committed to delivering magical movement experiences to children all over Australia. Whether they’re volunteering with charity organisations, engaging in fortnightly personal development or inspiring a love of learning, fitness, and wellbeing – Happy Feet Fitness Instructors are making a difference in the lives of  children.

If you’re interested in becoming a Happy Feet, feel free to reach out to us at