Kids Dance

Designed to focus on your child’s health and fitness and get your kids dancing!

Remember the first time you danced? Perhaps not, but we are confident that you have certainly witnessed the beauty of kids dancing. Here, at Happy Feet Fitness, we offer preschool dance classes that give children the opportunity to share the joy and freedom of expression that only dance can give. To find out more about our popular dance class for kids get in touch today.

Happy Feet Fitness has evolved the concept of play-based learning. Through the countless scores of kids we’ve enjoyed working with we’ve managed to find the perfect blend of educational content, creativity, health and the development of social skills. Each of our song and dance activities encourages participation, expression and social interaction. We have a variety of classes that keep the whole experience of dancing for kids fresh and exciting. Each class has clearly defined goals that your children will dance their way to, and be able to apply outside the four walls of the classroom in everyday life.

Our dance classes are not solely designed for a particular group of children, but cater to a wide age spectrum including toddler dance classes and preschool dance classes. For more detail on the specific classes available click here.

What is the benefit of dance for kids?

Dance is a great form of exercise for kids, which has been made apparent in recent times through fitness classes like Zumba. However, it is also fun so the arduous part of exercise flies by relatively unnoticed. This is just one of dance’s benefits for kids. Kids dancing and dance classes also carry the following benefits:

• An improvement in confidence and self-esteem
• Helps improve the mental, emotional and cognitive maturation of children
• Dance involves a wide range of movement and improves physical development and gross motor skills
• An improvement in listening skills and music responsiveness
• Enhances social awareness through interaction and cooperation
• Providing an outlet for your child’s creative expression

Toddler Dance

Dance is a healthy habit to instil in children from a young age. From the moment children enter the dance studio, we encourage them to interact with their peers and the rest of the world – either indirectly through social awareness or directly through principles of cooperation or explicitly. Our dance classes for kids help foster and nurture a passion for dance and further prepare them for more complex dance instruction, should they choose to pursue it later in life.

Understanding that children’s dance centers are often busy and often boisterous places, we took the time to craft an environment with a diverse selection of activities including dance that efficiently and practically keep your children growing in the most fun manner possible. It also allows you to enjoy true peace of mind knowing that your children are under the watchful eye of friendly instructors who are offering a beneficial service.